Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, looks like we might be in Paris for a while. We were supposed to fly out Tuesday morning but because of the Iceland ash cloud, the airports have been closed for a couple days and won't open before 3 p.m. Monday if then. In the meantime, I seem to have caught a cold. (That's the real pain in the ash, if you ask me.) At any rate, please enjoy more photos from our life in Paris.
Jen and her mellifluous tones performing at the Paris Opera House.
Tour Eiffel and the Pont d'lena Bridge over the River Seine.
Sacre-Coeur, which offers one of the most expansive views of Paris. Certainly breathtaking but personally I preferred Notre Dame.
Baker and Jen in front of Tour Eiffel which, after the sun goes down, is all aglow with sparkling lights for the fiirst five minutes of each hour.
"Young Girl with Roses on Her Hat" at the Musee Rodin.
Musee du Louvre.
Parisian roses for Jen on her birthday.
Grape-eating gargoyle at Notre Dame.
Turns out the only thing holding the Eiffel Tower together is this sling, rope and single carabiner. Who knew?
Baker and Jen (in spiffy new birthday coat purchased at Galeries Lafayette) in front of the Tour Eiffel.


  1. Boo hoo, stuck in the City of Lights...did you guys walk up the steps to the top of the Eiffel tower? We did it with the kids a few years ago as the line for the elevator was way too long. I think I saw the very same carabiner clip in your picture. Have a safe flight home.


  2. hi daddy! ily!