Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today was the biggie: the six-week check-up to make sure the screws haven't popped out, the titanium plate hasn't split in two, or become twisted all a-catawampus. Also, to find out when I can run, ride a bike, lift weights, and to find out what things I shouldn't do.

All looks good, said my surgeon, Dr. Bergman of Bellingham's Pacific Rim. In the above x-rays (two separate views of the same clavicle), you can still see a crack and apparently that will be visible for some time, but everything is holding together well. He said I'm 50- to 70-percent healed which seems like a wide swath. I'm probably closer to 70 but he throws the 50 in there so I don't go overboard and start playing tackle football. I can run easily ("don't fall"), bike easily (again, "don't fall"), and lift weights, starting with 5 to 10 pounds, and working up to 25 pounds by the time I see him again at the 12-week mark in late July. He really wants me to work at getting my mobility back; he raised my injured arm almost straight over my head and while it didn't hurt at all, the idea of it just made me squeamish.

I, of course, immediately went to the Y where I ran (sorta) for the first time since late April. Felt great. I made it to a whopping 4.4 mph on the treadmil. But that's at a 6-percent incline; I figure the more uphill running I do at first, the less jarring it will be on my clavicle. So that's where I am. Pretty happy widdit.

Switching gears, yesterday I drove to Winthrop for an upcoming story I'm writing for the Seattle Times about Highway 20. John Clark went along for the ride. Here's a photo or two. 
Liberty Bell by Washington Pass
Waterfall near Washington Pass.
This is actually from last week on our hike up the Chinscraper above the Fragrance Lake Trail.

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