Saturday, September 29, 2012


Here're some pics from a couple of today's Killer Cross races--the C's and the A's. Words to follow in the next day or so. Another terrific job by Ryan Rickerts and the Cascade Cross crew!
L'Alpe d'WoodChips

Log Boom of Doom
Vuvuzealous 'cross fan.
That hill.
Dale Plant nears the top of that hill.
The other hill.
Start of the Master Men C 40+ Race. GrandMaster Glenn Gervais in red. 
Log Boom of Doom revisited.
Dale Plant nears the top of the other hill via the other approach.
Me at the top of that hill.
Moments before the start of the kids' race.

Logan Wetzel with a bit of a gap in the Mens A race.
Heckle Hill.

Jeff Cummings nears the top of that hill.
Rusty Dodge.


  1. Mike, good race! I'm #207 on the logs. We passed each other several times at different points. But I flatted on the last lap and got 8th. I'd love to see the goPro video sometime. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for the note. Good race to you too! Bummer about the flat. Actually, I didn't shoot video this time. I set my helmet cam to shoot photos every 5 seconds. I'm pretty sure I've got others with you in them and I'll likely post more today or tomorrow. Hope to see you at future races!