Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Besides having my sixth book come out ("75 Classic Rides: Washington") and wrapping my head around our family's upcoming move to Luxembourg (more on that in the coming days), I'll remember 2012 for several things: 1) the new folks I added to my ever-widening circle of cycling friends, 2) the trio of amazing fall gravel grinders we rode, and 3) my foray into the Bellingham cyclocross scene. Here're some pics:
I rode to Artist Point a bunch this summer. This is early August when I rode from Kendall with Reg Norbert, the Legendary Tom Meloy and John Pottle; ...
... and this is two weeks before that with Pat Skaggs and Steve George (himself, also of the Legendary persuasion); ...
... and two weeks before that with Titanium Cancellara. As you can see, the Artist Point parking lot had yet to be plowed clear. (We couldn't wait.)  
Also in July, I had the honor of hooking up for about 20 miles with the Chain Gang, some Atlanta-based riders in their 60s and 70s who were finishing up an 800-mile multi-day bike trip with a ride through Whatcom County to Lynden. Inspiring folks! 
Oh yeah, almost forgot about the super-early (6 a.m.) weekday rides throughout the summer with Grandmaster Glenn Gervais and his crew. Here we are mountain biking on Galby but we also rode Chuckanut Mountain and got in a few road rides too.  

And of course, there was Johnny Boy Clark and late July's Tour de Whatcom.
August brought the gravel grinders. On the hottest day in recorded human history, Brian Ecker, Scott Young (both too legendary to even begin to get into) and I rode an amazing 82-mile Winthrop-Conconully loop that reached heights of almost 7,000 feet. (We gained more than 10,000 feet in all.) 

It was seriously the bomb and probably one of the top-5 most strenuous things I've ever done. 
A couple weeks later, Brian and I ground our way to the top of Slate Peak, above Harts Pass, on the highest road in the state. 

After a 5,500-foot climb fom Mazama, we reached Slate's 7,488-foot summit where we were treated to amazing views.
Speaking of views, check these out from a September gravel grinder to Twin Lakes/Winchester Mountain with Glenn and Steve VanderStaay. 
After pedaling the steep, rugged, chopped-up road to Twin Lakes (passing the Yellow Aster Butte trailhead along the way), we ran-slash-hiked the 1.5-mile trail to the Winchester Lookout. A highly recommended duathlon of sorts.
September was also the Mount Baker Hill Climb. 
The best Northwest summer weather I can remember lasted into October and gifted us with this early fall day on which the Titanium Cowboys headed for Blanchard Mountain above Samish Bay.
When fall finally did hit, I filled it with the dirt and grass and ... 
... sand and ... 
... mud and pain and ... 
... falling of cyclocross.  
December brought more cyclocross, the Deception Pass 25K and more adventures with the Titanium Cowboys. Happy New Year! Looking forward to an amazing 2013!

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  1. Looks like you've had a cool year - nice pics!