Sunday, December 16, 2012


I didn't wear the helmet cam during yesterday's Thriller Cross race so here's all I got--pics of some crazy freakazoids taken after C race. 
Here's Santa, whose pants got ripped up when they got caught in his chain and who told me he had to stop to remove them during the race. 
This blonde lass is Carter Maden who sadly flatted in the swamp area near the lower softball field. That would be the same area, I believe, where my front wheel was seemingly swallowed whole by the muddy goo tossing me o'er my handlebars whereupon I landed rather unceremoniously in said muddy goo.
Dueling Santas.
Race impresario and jellyfish, Ryan Rickerts. 
Dr. Professor Steve VanderStaay.
Moi, representin' for the Titanium Cowboys.

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  1. There was plenty of muddy goo to go around. I'm pretty sure I performed the same maneuver in that pit of muddy goo during my warm-up lap!