Wednesday, October 15, 2008


BELLINGHAM, WA (AP)--In a stunning decision to help stimulate the local Whatcom County economy, area boys Baker and Mike McQuaide scored two new bikes from Fanatik Bike Co. For Baker, 9-1/2, it was a Norco Wolverine, his first ride featuring 26-inch wheels, disc brakes, and some really cool graphics of little guitars that look to be Gibson SGs, if we were to venture a guess.

Mike, the elder McQuaide, who's a rather boyish sort, took home a 29er, a Felt Nine Pro which, with its oversized wheels, looks to him like something a giant might ride. Say Hagrid, from the Harry Potter books.
After Bake's schoolday, the McQuaides hurried to the 100-Acre Wood where they jumped and rolled over all sorts of logs, rocks, and roots, all in name of stimulating the economy thing.
In other news, please peruse Mike's story in Thursday's Seattle Times on places to see the alpine larch turn their golden autumn glow. Places such as the Enchantments:

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