Monday, October 20, 2008


Le Towers, Le Evo (sehr scary), Le Woopsie Woodle, Le something through the woods (but not to grandmother's house), and finally, Le Last Call. (Above are Bake, Kyler, and Kyler's dad, Ed; you can just barely see Mount Baker in the far right corner.)
Here's a tip: if you're new not only to riding a 29er, but riding a 29er with clipless pedals, don't make Evo the first trail you try.
First time to Le Towers for most--Jimmy, Jacob, Kyler, Bake--probably 1,200 feet of climbing in less than 4 miles. Killer! First day also for Bake on his new Norco Wolverine and me on my Felt Nine, a 29er. The McQuaide boyz is very happy!

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