Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yes, another epic day on Galbraith but before we hit the hill, I did the mountain bike duathlon at Lake Padden this a.m. A lot of you have asked (actually just my sister, Kath) how me ankle's been. Been fine. It's me left knee that's been barkin' fer about 10 days now.I suspect the dread IT band thingee syndrome stuff. No matter, it was fine for the the couple jaunts 'round the 2.6-mile lake loop and once up and down (and up) the expert mountain bike course.
I was done in 1:07 'n' change, about nine minutes behind the ever-sassy John Clark who took seventh overall, I believe. It was great fun and oddly (kinda) the first event I've done all year that involved running. In two weeks, I plan on the Belly Cross cyclocross race at Cornwall Park.

I wanna thank Kelly Mielke for the duathlon photos he took. Look at the way I run. I look like a freak. I lean so far back I look like the "Keep On Truckin'" dude from the R. Crumb comic. Right, so after the duathlon it was onto Galbratih with Baker, his schoolchum Kyler and dad Ed, and Kyler's friend Logan. Great ride (as usual). From the Birch St. side we did Miranda (where we saw the ubiquitous Galbraith rat, Steve Noble), Ridge, Cedar Dust (twice), Family Fun Center, Road 1200, SST (where the above and below pics are from), and back to Ridge-Miranda.
The above video is from Karma, which we threw in at the end of the ride. First rider is Bake, then Kyler and Logan.

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