Sunday, October 05, 2008


Kids ride on Sunday afternoon. Bake and five others headed from the north side up to Cedar Dust, then up the dreaded Wall to get to the good stuff. Above, Bake finishes off the killer climb.
Hit the Cabin Trail, so-named because well, there're remains of an old cabin up. Saw nice guy Steve Noble, famed Bellingham chirodoctor, who we somehow always manage to come across when we're up on Galbraith. Kid riders were (and I'm not sure of everyone's name) Jacob, the Twins, Baker, Jacob Gervais, and Caden, I believe. Carin Carter, Glenn Gervais and I were the elders leading and following them about.
Then onto the Three Bears, the group having split in two by this point, and SST which, with his screaming fast descents, high-banked berms, and rolling humps and bumps, is now everyone's favorite. Glenn Gervais, the other semi-adult leader, and I wanted to follow a map which showed a little-used trail leading right to where we parked. Little-used is right as the photo below shows. It required a bit of bush- and branch-whacking, but ended up working out perfectly.
A great ride: like two-and-a-half hours!

Odd sidenote. Yesterday morning, I turned my ankle on the Sunday morning run but thought nothing of it. Finished the run with no problem. Then rode two-and-a-half hours with the kids and started to feel it whenever we took a break from riding. Last night, I could hardly walk. Weird. Hope it doesn't keep me out of the mountain bike duathlon next Sunday.

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