Monday, September 29, 2008


It started out as a simple ride up on Galbraith Mountain. Birch Street to the Ridge to Cedar Dust, etc. But then where? We decided on the Wall just to open up the mountain a bit and then figured we'd head to the Blue Rock. But y'know, as long as we're there ...
... why don't go up just a little bit higher so Baker can say he's been higher on Galbraith than he's ever been? (That doesn't sound right.) Anyway, long story short, we reached a point where he said, "I'm determined. Let's go to the top!" And we did. Top shot is him hitting the top Tower: elevation: 1,785 feet. (We started from the stairs on Birch Falls Drive, el. about 500.)
From the towers, the Galbraith world was our oyster. We headed down via the Wonderland Trail, Naughty Nellie, Dirty Sock, Keystone, Bottle Opener (kinda annoying), Kaiser, and Mullet. We were whooped by then so just took a couple dirt roads to get to Cedar Dust.

It was truly epic. The epikest ride we've ever done. About three hours and 45 minutes. Mucho fun too. We rewarded ourselves by meeting Jen for dinner at La Fiamma. (By the way, our faire Jen is performing for the next two weekends in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" at the Bellingham Theatre Guild Great show!)

Below, please enjoy Bake's visage upon first making it to the Towers.

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