Tuesday, September 09, 2008

RIDE 542 PHOTOS (mit snarky comments)

Before the race, John Clark and Noel Phillips (pointing) discuss strategy.

"Let's poke a stick into McQuaide's spokes when he's not looking," Phillips suggests.

"I've already let some air out of his tires," responds Clark. "He's such a moron, he'll never even notice."
Race director Charlie Heggem rides his Dorkway, er, Segway down the mean streets of Glacier as a slightly uncomfortable, somewhat embarrassed crowd looks on.
Tom Fryer, Doug Hyldahl, Chad Clarke, and Dave Bishop aren't sure what to make of seeing Heggem cruise around like that in public.Summit riders take over the mean streets of Glacier.With about 200 meters to the finish line, Mike McQuaide, riding scared, hopes and prays that John Clark has somehow managed to take a wrong turn, perhaps ending up on one of Mount Shuksan's glaciers.

Below, John Clark gives it all he's got with about 150 meters to go.


  1. Chuck Dooley4:08 PM

    You looked strong on the mountain in sunday McQ.

    I was there cheering you on with Craig B. It seemed to me that you had more than 10 seconds on that Clark bastard.

    I enjoyed my first hill climb (well, as much as you can enjoy riding up a mountain as fast as you can). And I am proud to say I made it all the way to the top.

    Enjoy that Ironman.


  2. From one Jersey boy to another, You done good, yourself, Chuck!