Monday, September 01, 2008


I promise, this is the second to the last bit I'll put up this year about riding my bike to Artist Point. (Ride 542 is Sept. 7 so next week I'll no doubt write something about it. ) Anyway, two weeks ago it was hot, sticky, and sweaty up at Artist Point. Today, it was foggy and 40s. (See above video.)

Frickin' freezing, it felt. Fall has begun up there at 5,100 feet in this far Northwest corner of the Great Northwest with winter soon to follow. The ride back down was miserable; I was shivering so bad I thought I'd pulled my deltoid right out of my latissimus dorsi.

(By the way, I must hear at least once a month that I look Mike Rowe, the dude who hosts "Dirty Jobs", so if you're thinking it, you're not the first one. Perhaps though, you're instead thinking that in my fetching new birthday-present Quick-Step rainbow jersey I look like Tom Boonen--see below--minus the cool hat.)

Sunday, which felt like Saturday this three-day weekend, the family took a pleasant bike ride down the Interurban Trail to Clayton Beach where there are signs to remind you to keep your clothes on. Ok, fine. We skipped stones, Bake climbed the rocks with a buddy he'd met, and afterwards we enjoyed dinner at Fiamma Burger which has good food, but acoustics that always make me feel like I'm suffering from tinnitus.

So let's the ultra-cool Alejandro Valverde and the above Tom Boonen, who've taken the last two stages of the Vuelta a Espana.

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