Thursday, September 11, 2008


BELLINGHAM--Taking advantage of the fact that Ironman Canada didn't sell out in blazing fast speed as it usually does, area boy Mike McQuaide today shelled out way too much money to sign up for what will be his third Ironman Triathlon.

"Well, ain't I lucky?" said the unusually boyish 47-year-old whom some say resembles a young, dashing Johnny Depp. Still others compare him to Lance Armstrong because of McQuaide's prowess for climbing hills on his bike. Then again others, who've heard him play guitar, could swear that McQuaide was the second coming of Jimi Hendrix.

While there is a certain dorkiness factor associated with triathlons, McQuaide was super inspired by the Olympic triathlon races this past August and realized he was eager to get back into it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Below, check out Paolo Bettini. Today his team announces the signing of Stephan Schumacher (effectively booting Bettini off the team for next year) so what does the Cricket do? He wins today's Vuelta stage. Love that jersey too.

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