Sunday, September 07, 2008

RIDE 542 PHOTOS - 2008

Here're a few quick pics from today's Mount Baker Hill Climb. Incredible day--weather was glorious, I PR'd by a couple minutes (I'm not exactly sure what my time was--1:37 something, I think; results aren't up yet), and the sassy Mr. Clark and I got to relive our epice battle of two years ago in the Rec division. Only this time it was in the Competitive division which was fast, fast, fast. Above, that's me riding scared hoping John doesn't pass me in the final 200 meters to Artist Point. Below, that's John chasing after me with about 100 meters left. (And Shea Mielke, one of Bake's chums, the boy in blue to the left.)
Afterwards, Steve Vanderstaay, myself, and John aglow before the majesty of Mount Shuksan. And frickin' glad to be off our bikes!
It was a great day. I'll write more tomorrow. Now, I eat!

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