Sunday, January 10, 2010


Saturday's forecast was for rain (not showers), temps in the 40s, and a fair amount of wind so it's a no-brainer; I'll stay in. Turns out to be 62 degrees, mostly clear skies and only the gentlest of breezes--D'oh! I missed out. Luckily, Sunday turned out to be close to as nice so I hit the Lost Lake loop with Mellow Johnny Clark, Professor Steve Vanderstaay and nice guy newcomer, Dave, who's last name I quickly forgot. Saw Ryan Stiles and friends at the Upfront last night. Hilarious, and when Stiles asked Baker (our 10-year-old) to come up with a name for a made-up fairytale, Bake says "The Enthusiastic Screwdriver." Hilarity ensued, that's sure. Saw Cody Rivers' latest show this past Thursday--indescribably brilliant, is all I can say. (
Me, Dave, Clark and Vanderstaay. Below, a pileated woodpecker we saw just as we got back into town.

Lastly, on Tuesday at the Chuckanut Radio Hour, I'll be reading a humorous (hopefully) essay I wrote about trying to play "Purple Haze" at my high school talent show before I'd learned how to play guitar. Pretty silly. It's at the Leopold Ballroom in downtown Bellingham. (

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