Saturday, January 23, 2010


Friday, took me sister down to the Skagit Flats area to see snow geese by the thousands. A couple bald eagles flew by and sent the geese skyward in a tizzy. (Whereupon various hunters, unfortunately, took aim and brought down a few. Seemed a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, if you know what I mean.)
Saw a couple dozen bald eagles too, including this regal eagle high above the banks of the Skagit River.
That was Friday; Saturday Mellow Johnny, the Titanium Cowboy and I rode together for the first time since TC broke his scaphoid in the late '50s--I mean, August. Took the Interurban up to Fragrance Lake Road to Burnout Road, which boasts the best Samish Bay-San Juan Islands viewpoint on Chuckanut Mountain. (Saw our trail angels Laura Todd and Val Thompson on the way up.)
Scott turned around here, John and I continued up where things get nasty--four really, really steep pitches, the last of which is unridable now because of some huge drainage ditch-culvert thingees that've been dug into the road. Walked our bikes that last bit then had the fun, screaming descent partway down So Easy before detouring over to the Dictionary, the Lost Lake Trail and back through Arroyo Park.
Sunday, Steve "Professor" Vanderstaay joined Mellow Johnny and I for a couple hours on Galbraith, me pretending I'm hard-core by riding the single-speed. Mega-fun. (In the afternoon, Clark and I saw the Cody Rivers Show which, again, was brilliant.)
Shot of Mount Baker from the Skagit Flats.

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