Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In non-bicycle related news, I'm really quite enjoying the Keith Richards autobiography, "Life". I've been a huge Stones fan ever since I reviewed their 1994 Kingdome show for the Bellingham Herald. I'd anticipated a bunch of ancient bizillionaires sleepwalking through worn-out classic rock hits but was absolutely blown away by their energy, humor and fantastic musicianship. Surprised most of all by Keith who proved to be a kick-ass guitarist genuinely appreciative of, and humbled by, his audience. (My 20th-row seats probably added to the experience as well.)

Anyway, the book is great fun. A lot of excess of Keith's part but that's no surprise. Doesn't seem to pull any punches on his opinions of other musicians (Mick, Prince, Springsteen among others don't come off too well), and as a guitar player, I get a kick out of reading how Keith discovered the five-string key of G thang.
And hey, check out the below pic of Keef holding off Lance on Alpe D'Huez. Who knew?

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