Monday, January 03, 2011


One year ends, another starts, but some things stay the same. In this case, the propensity for the Titanium Cowboys to hit some great rides. 2010 closed with an ultra-fun 3-1/2 hours up on Galby; 2011 got underway with 3 hours out to Lost Lake and back via the lower half of Hush-Hush. That's Hush-Hush in the above photo.

Both rides were frickin' cold--like 23 degrees--with a fair amount of snow on the ground. But cloudless and windless with views from the higher elevations (Whoopsie Woodle) to the Olympics and Mount Rainier. For Christmas, I got me a new HD Helmet Cam (which I'm still trying to figure out) which also takes high-res. photographs. Just above is Titanium Cancellara on the Arenburg Forest section of the North Lost Lake Trail; below is Johnny Boy Clark on Galby's Pipeline Road. (We'd been playing around on Banjoland and some of the lower cross-country trails but kept ending up in the same place so we high-tailed it out of there.)
The boys and I talked much about High Cascades 100-Mile Mountain Bike race in July--that might just be my New Year's Resolution.

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