Thursday, January 27, 2011


Got the HD Hero camera for Christmas and so far have used it more for photographs than the HD video. The video’s great but HD doesn’t work with MovieMover and since I’m not the overly eager techie geekmeister-type, I’ve not pursued it too much re: what one has to do to convert the MVI files to AVI or viceversa. (Or something therein related.) But I have been getting a bang out of the photos it takes on rides. Granted, 90 percent of them come out like this …
... or like this...
... but since they’re digital it doesn’t matter because I can just toss them.

When I'm out for a ride, I mount the camera to my helmet, set it to take photos every 10 seconds and forget about it for the next hour or so. With an 8 gig disk, when I get home I’ve got like 900-plus (literally) photos, of which about 30 are keepers.

Here's a cool sequence toward the end of last Saturday's ride on Old Fairhaven Pkwy where we usually try to push it as hard as we can. Scott demonstrates why we call him Titanium Cancellara.
Scott is in yellow, just ahead of him is John.
I skipped a shot so this is 20 seconds later; Scott is still just behind John.

10 seconds later, Scott has already opened up a huge gap.

Ten seconds later, I've passed John but Scott is already in the next county. I've got no chance. All in the span of what--20 seconds? (I think he's got one of those motors Fabian C. was alleged to have used at Flanders and Roubaix last year.) 
I’m eager to use the camera this spring and summer on the road bike to get some cool shots for my book. Speaking of road riding, I got out on two road rides this week! Boo-yah, plus one bag of chips, as the kids say. (Or maybe I just imagine them saying that.)


  1. You guys are 2 wheelin freaks...I love it. we gotta ride sometime.

  2. Let's do it, Rusty!