Sunday, March 13, 2011


Area man looks fairly stunned to be standing astride a $9,000 carbon Specialized Epic (29er, of course).
All right so the weather's been unbelievably crummy for as long as I can remember blah, blah, blah. Perfect indoor weather, however, for the Seattle Bicycle Expo this past weekend and since I have a book due June 1 (Classic Road Rides of Washington) and need to scout out a bunch of routes, I combined the two. Hit the expo for a few hours, reupped my supply of bike porn, then headed down to the Rochester-Galvin-Vader- Boistfort-Adna end of the world. (In fact, I'm in a motel in Kelso as I type this.) Heading down to Vancouver, WA, tomorrow.

Below, please enjoy some expo pics.
Padauk and black walnut time trial/triathlon bike ridden and Kona Ironman last year. $3,500.

Cool wooden mountain bike at the Renovo booth. The wood is hickory and padauk, $6,700.

World champion artistic cyclists--Stefan Musu and Lukas Matla from Germany.

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