Sunday, March 20, 2011


Logging. Saw evidence of logging on trails we ride frequently. To the left would be Cedar Dust, to the right Rock 'n' Roll, both of which are closed now and for the foreseeable future. (The Wall would be straight ahead.) Also closed was Family Fun Center (see below) and the Intestine and probably a couple others as well. Good story with map of what's impacted can be found on the WHIMPS site here. Essentially, it's pretty pointless to enter Galby from the north side right now.
But the whole south side of the mountain appears unaffected for right now so the Titanium Cowboys and I made our way after a few fits and starts to the Tower road--Whoopsie Woodle-Three Pigs side of the world. Theys trails still is da' bomb over there, that's fer sure!
Saw the above, too, on the side the Ridge Trail on the way up. A pair of binoculars in a box for all to enjoy the great views of Bellingham, the San Juans and the surrounding mountains. (See B'ham and the bay below.) Thanks a lot for generously sharing your binocs, whoever you are!
Also wanted to give shout-outs and kudos to all those folks doing trailwork connecting Raptor Ridge to the Lost Lake Trail on North Chuckanut Mountain. Here's a story on the WHIMPS site. Seems to be a WHIMPS-Whatcom County Parks and Rec-Daniel Probst and his cronies production. Good on all ya'! (And if I don't have the credit right, feel free to correct me.)

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  1. Thanks for the report Mike! haven't been up there since the new logging. We are working hard to have the raptor ridge trail open this summer. A lot of great help from the community. While galby is under fire let's all focas on trails that will have a more lasting future.