Sunday, March 06, 2011


At the top of the Wall, which we had the good sense not to ride, we came across Robin Smith and Tjalling Ypma, one of whom (I forget who) took the above pic. Thanks!
Saturday, the Titanium Cowboys headed up to Galby where, guess what, we ran into snow for a change. About 4 to 6 to 8 inches starting at 900 feet. Luckily, someone (or several someones) in a truck (or several trucks) had dug some nice tracks for us (see below) and staying in them as far as we could, we made it just about to the top.
Whoever made the tracks didn't go all the way so I walked the last stretch to get the below photo. The hard, crunchy, fairly-impossible-to-ride-through snow is so deep my bike is standing up on its own.
The way down was Woopsie Whoodle (which we bailed out on halfway down because of snow), the Three Pigs and the back trails at Padden which were mostly snow-free. Nice running into Cathy Crouch who I tried riding all of Galbraith with one day last October. (See below post.) She was making her way up towards the towers, taking avantage of aforementioned truck track.

Sunday, we did something we haven't done together for almost a year--fired up the road bikes for 30-some miles in the county. What larks! First road ride for Johnny Boy Clark since last May when he broke his collarbone. (Ten days after I'd broken mine.) Saw tons of eagles and swans on the way out to Wiser Lake; we rode back on Noon Road which delivers one to the Mount Baker Highway via a series of stinging hills. 

Two great days of riding! 

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