Friday, July 13, 2012


Headed up to Artist Point from Glacier yesterday with Titanium Cancellara, the man in pink. (It's Ride 35 from my "75 Classic Rides" book.) Actually the goal was to ride as far as the Mount Baker Highway has been plowed clear of snow; we figured maybe a mile past the upper ski lodge. We were very pleasantly surprised when, after passing beyond the gate keeping cars away (see below), we were able to keep going and going and going ...

... all the way to Artist Point. Though, to be honest ...

... the last 300 meters or so was a shallow, slushy mess which had us backing and forthing between pedaling and walking. 

We started from the parking lot behind Graham's Store in Glacier. (Which, btw, never ceases to amaze me with their hmm ... let's say, lack of customer service skills and leave it at that.) That's Church Mountain's steeple beyond the Ti C.)

Heading up the Mountain Baker Highway, just past the Powerhouse Hill (which Strava rates a Cat. 3) but before the Cat 1 climb to the upper ski lodge.

For right now, cars can go no farther than this gate just beyond the upper lodge, but we saw many day hikers making their way up the road.

Heading for the killer hairpin turn where, during the Mount Baker Hill Climb race, things become one giant spot of bother. 

The original Ti Cowboy taking his bike for a walk near the top.

Still lots of snow ...

... at Artist Point.

Cleats clogged with snow made getting pedaling a little difficult. As did the heat: a surprisingly hot day, that despite our 4,100-foot elevation gain, never cooled off.

As always though, an amazing ride!

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