Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Super cool, super fun, super early MTB ride up on Galby this a.m. w/ Glenn G., Bryan S. and Asa K. (the Logos Crew). Glenn's partaking in some Strava contest and wants to climb a bizillion feet this week so we essentially climbed the Tower Road to the top of Unemployment Line, rode down it, then climbed the Tower Road back up again. Four times, I think. Finished off with some Mullet, Cheech 'n' Chong, Not Shawn's action. And then I dropped down and did the Padden upper loop. So much darn crazy-arsed fun it's almost not to be believed! (Bryan above, Glenn below.)

Glenn and I (me rocking a pair of ill-fitting and not-too-comfortable Lowe's safety glasses) on the Tower Road climb.

In other news, the book ("75 Classic Rides: Washington") has been getting some cool press this week. Yesterday, the Seattle Times ran a Q & A interview that I did with the very nice Mary Ann Gwinn. (Who, btw, is a past Pulitzer Prize winner!) And Biking Bis wrote a review of both my Classic Rides Washington book and Jim Moore's "75 Classic Rides: Oregon". Thanks a lot Mary Ann and Biking Bis! Much appreciated.

Oh, and here's our route:

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