Sunday, July 15, 2012


Our hero, Glenn Gervais, suggested we do Ride 6 from my "75 Classic Rides" book.
Sounds great, said I. Which one's that?
Page 42, Fidalgo Island--Mount Erie Leg Shredder, said he.
Ah yes, I remember that one well. Lots of fun, up and down island-esque rollers, spectacular water and island views, not to mention the route's centerpiece, Mount Erie: 878 feet of pointy-stick-in-the-eye climbing in just 1.5 miles. Youch! 
Thus, joined by Pat Skaggs, we found ourselves early Sunday a.m. at March Point Park'n'Ride ready to rock, as it were. We began by crossing the Tommy Thompson Trestle Trail (above), headed into Anacortes and then out toward the ferry and Washington Park. From there we rolled south and thusly began the rollers. Eventually, we pedaled inland (see my book for the exact route) and made our way south where Mount Erie awaited.

Here's Glenn, nearing the top of Mount Erie, climbing so fast up its 18- and 20-percent evilness that he's little more than a blurry smudge.

Here's what he usually looks like.

Here's the three of us, happy as heck that we've made it to the top of Mount Erie. As you can see, weather-wise we seemed to be stuck in a giant damp cloud. Never actually rained but somehow we got sorta wet and it never really brightened enough that I could safely wear my glasses without riding somewhat blind.

Re: Mount Erie, it's just killer steep. Even though I ride it probably once every two or three years and I know what I'm in for, I'm still stunned and surprised when I round a bend and see the road slanting seemingly straight up in front of me. Strava says it's average grade is 10.8 percent but given that there're a couple flat stretches, it's much harder than that. But we came, we saw, we kicked its ...  

(Above is a photo from about four years ago of Titanium Cancellara and I after a Mount Erie ascent. Here's a post on that ride.)

Here, Glenn fixes a flat while I watch.

The route ends with a fun, flat waterside 6-mile loop around March Point.

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