Monday, May 21, 2012


Shout-out of appreciation (is that redun.?) to the Bellingham Herald and Michelle Nolan for showin' the love with this story pimping both this Thursday's appearance on the Chuckanut Radio Hour and my new book, "75 Classic Rides: Washington."

Something I like about the above shot is that my truly grimy white handlebar tape still looks pretty clean. In real life? Not so much.

And something I'm curious about in these days of instant commenting on newspaper stories: will anybody remark on the fact that in the above photo, I'm riding on the left side of the road? But I have an excuse--photograher Phil Dwyer had me climb the same 25-yard stretch of the Mount Baker Highway over and over until he got the shot he wanted. (It's pretty much the exact spot where I shot the book cover of Scott Young, btw.) I'd climb, then turn around and coast back down; climb, then turn around and coast back down. Guess what: they used a shot of me coasting back down. On the left side of the road. Oh well, I saw maybe five cars the whole three hours I was up there. (Since I was there, I figured I'd get in a climbing workout too.) Here's the workout:

As long as I'm getting all Strava on ya', here're a couple great routes I rode this past weekend with the Ti Cowboys--road bike on Saturday, single-speed mountain bikes on Sunday.

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