Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday, whilst all the Bellingham world was Ski and/or Seaing, myself and a handful of others (six?) did the Rabbit Ride. Great fun, made a couple new friends--Brian Bressler of PainCave Cycling fame and someone named Scott, who's last name I didn't get--got in a great workout and, always important, set a couple Strava PRs on the Colony Road loop. Gotta love that! Please enjoy the above vid of said ride.

Chuckanut Drive

W. Lake Samish Drive
 Shout-out of congrats to Titanium Cowboys John Clark (mountain bike) and Titanium Cancellara (road bike) whose Ski to Sea team, Aven Construction, won the the Whatcom County Mixed division at Ski to Sea. Check out the mega-trophy!

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