Saturday, May 12, 2012


Absolutely perfect day today at the Skagit Spring Classic. Headed down with Ti Cowboys John and Scott for 104 miles of whole-grain pedaling goodness. Met a real nice dude, Shawn from Vancouver, B.C., all six-foot-four of him (finally, Scott had some he could draft off of), who rode with us for the last 50 miles, sort of as an unofficial Titanium Cowboy. Interesting tidbit re: above photo. Just moments after shooting it I dropped my camera and then rode over it with my back wheel. But the camera still works! As evidenced by ...

... this post-ride shot!

Things started out chilly--perhaps 50--but soon enough we warmed up as we headed north up Chuckanut Drive. Always amazing, that one! After skirting B'ham, we headed down toward Lake Samish and Whatcom and Sedro-Woolley and well, check my Strava file below if you want the route. Along with temps that eventually climbed to the mid-70s, here're some things stick out in my mind: the rather inappropriate mile-long Grip Road hill at the 63-mile mark, the even more inappropriate Bow Hill (westbound) at mile 82 (though at least there, someone in a devil's costume provided comic distractions) and the afternoon Skagit Flat winds that wreaked havoc upon your author.

We'd been riding for five hours, hammering for the last 2-1/2 after Shawn joined us and at mile 93, I had to sit up and concede that I couldn't hold on to these 22 mile-per-hour wheels anymore. So we brought it in a little slower (thanks, guys!) and were beat but pleased with our 5:32 ride time.

B'ham's Richard James with the Devil.

We met some real nice people today including Tom from Edmonds (I think), who bought my book yesterday from a shop in Anacortes. (Thanks, Tom!) He said he's thinking of trying to ride all 75 rides this summer. That'd be cool (as well as 4,800-plus miles!). I wish I'd gotten his contact info so that I could keep tabs on his progress. So Tom, if you read this, please contact me.

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