Friday, May 04, 2012


Shout-out of congrats to Bellingham’s Rusty Dodge who took fifth place in last week’s Washington State Road Race Championships (Cat. Pro/1/2) down in Brady, WA.  (He’s the red-sleeved dude in the above pic from a Donut Ride last year.)
Rusty, who races for B'ham's Fanatik Bike Co., is a great guy whom I see all the time at the Y. In fact, a couple days ago, we got into an embarrassingly sloppy 5-minute game of one-on-one basketball. Despite my hard fouls and all-over cheating, Rusty schooled me 1-nil. Neither one of us was exactly shooting the lights out. Must’ve been pretty hilarious for anyone who witnessed a couple of endurance dudes trying to shoot hoops.
Great job at the State Championships, Rusty!


  1. Hey, thanks Mike. Although, i think you're selling our skills on the court a bit short... BALLERS!

    Congrats on the new book!...I definitely look forward to lining out some adventures with it.

  2. Great job at Tour of Unknown Coast too, Rusty! That's on my list now.